Dec 21, 2010

Carriage Ride to View the Lights

Merry Christmas from John, Jessica, Judy and Doree

Christmas Lights Tour with Lisa at the Helm.

Merry Christmas from me. It was a beautiful night, last night as we rode in a carriage and enjoyed all the many twinkling lights of downtown. Temple Square boosts about the thousands of lights they start string in August, -- no kidding, every tiny bush, even up the sides of the buildings. And the huge Nativity, really highlights the true meaning of Christmas.

We clip clopped around the block, with Lisa Williams-Cox (fantastic friend) and Charlie (horse debonair complete with lights and flowers in his hair) . Lisa is a fountain of information. Not just what the buildings are, but interesting incites into each one. Like...there is a wall at the LDS Conference building that is the same length as two 747 parked nose to nose? I KNOW.  It was the greatest experience for all four of us.

I highly recommend that you experience downtown in a carriage (Carriage for Hire).  
Jessica, John, Doree and Judy with Charlie

Dec 15, 2010

We May Be On Our Way!!!!

The Ghosts of DunMuller's Mansion - 
Book One - EXCUSE ME by yours truly,
has been requested by another agent. Here's the fun part - I get to wait for a very long time to see if somebody will love it as much as me. That's okay, I'm well into book two: ANTE UP
Good Luck - Excuse Me.

It's That Time Again

Christmas is coming up. What a wonderful time of the year - yeah right!
I've never been a happy camper during this time. I didn't enjoy it a lot as a kid. Although now, being a grandparent, it is fun. Yeah, the same headaches are there. Money is always an issue and for all of our preparations, it only takes seconds for it to be over with. True.

But look at the spirit. More people smile. Amazing, I know.
Some people are even courteous and giving. I watched a guy I would never have pegged as a giver, actually put in some change (okay, a penny and a nickle) in a bell ringer's can. I was floored. I saw a guy count out his groceries before going up to the 15 or less isle. He still went up with more than 15, but at least he counted.

The neighborhood has lights on more houses than it has ever in past. That's something, right? Mine doesn't, but this year I'm the exception. the exception being... I didn't want to fall and kill myself. I KNOW, every now and then, my brain does kick in. It's a Christmas Miracle.

There might not be any lights on the house, but the trees in the window and the music's playing so, now with the fresh fallen snow, I think we should all have a great and healthy holiday season this year!

From me to you - Merry Christmas.

Nov 29, 2010

Who said It's to soon to think about 2011?

Hey, let’s take a moment and ponder…
We are about to dip into the last month of the year and what do we have to show for ourselves? Nothing – SAY WHAT!
I sat down at my computer this morning and went through my usual routine of checking my e-mails, reading my favorite blogs and chuckling over my kitten pictures (totally the highlight of my day) and thought, “this is what I spend a lot of my time doing.” I didn’t complete a new manuscript this year; I tweaked the hell out of my old one. I’ve also been polishing a manuscript from three years ago. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I did start a new one, ooops, better make that three new ones but never got to the part where I say, whoopee, I’m addicted and can’t wait for the all important, ‘the end.’
So, lets get these resolutions for 2011 underway, shall we. 1st, I’m president of our Utah chapter of the RWA, major commitment there (). 2nd, I want to make sure that Excuse Me has the completed follow up finished, polished and queried so that others are excited about Ante Up as I am. 3rd, the new YA, Hallowed Halls; my all time ‘dear to my heart’ manuscript, needs to be done next. And so it will be.
I blew NANO, so I will gear up to take that on next November. I enjoy it and still let it fizzled through the snow-my bad.
All that said (I mean whined about) I will be spending December getting what is left of this year on the straight and narrow and dedicating 2011 to that lovely four letter word “busy”. Glasses up in the air, Salute. Decision made, accepted and verbally (or written) announced – let’s walk on with our head held high to 2011 and a year of completions.

Nov 1, 2010

Guten Auben Herr Halloween

The spooks have all been put to bed
All that candy gone to their head
And now as parents we stand back to see
Just how dang sick they’re gonna be.

Chocolate, chewy’s and gum for miles or more
Halloween traditions bought from the store.
Say so long to the spiders, the ghosts and the ghouls
Holidays are sprouting – now Christmas Trees rule!

The weather was not ideal for lasts nights trek to the houses. It rained, it stormed and then goodness, it rained some more. My grandson’s little feet were frozen, their tiny fingers were bright pink, but do you think they’d had enough? No. Their bags were dragging by the time they returned to my door. Soaked, but delighted with all their cavity causing merchandise. It was the highlight to the hot and heavy costumes, coats and umbrella’s that they had to wear.
This morning, after a quick church service, I ran to the grocery story and ‘what a transition‘ had occurred. Spiders are gone and Santa has arrived. No moment of deep breath nor preparation was allowed. Out with the bags of fun sized and in with the holiday wrapping paper. The heavy holiday season has just arrived, big sized.
It’s my least favorite time of the year. I prefer the summer months of thanks to our service men, fireworks and picnics. A few words of gratitude and humbling memorials and we get on with our lives. Quick, easy and done. Now, we spend almost everyday worrying about what to get Uncle Tom, Dick and Harry. Chewing our fingers over our guess regarding the shirt size we bought for Teri, Diane or Hilga. Did we miss any one? Oh, and the all time favorite – what am I supposed to where to the company Christmas Party.
Oops, it looks like Grand Mama needs a sweet drink, a good book and a warm blanket so that November arrives smooth and happy. Beware of the boogie man and smile for the fat bird to feast and the family around the Thanksgiving table. Here’s to the up coming holidays and putting on a happy face.
Until next Sunday, have a great week behind the keyboards and a lot of words for Nano

Oct 26, 2010



This is the most exciting time for me. I love November 1st and a chance to sit my patootie in the old chair and pound out another novel. I try to get at least three manuscripts written per year and having a whole month dedicated to just writing is fantastic. I call everyone I know and tell them that, phone calls are not answer. Leave a message and after I have completed 2500 words that day, I’ll call ‘em back. The door bell is disconnected and a sign on the door that reads “Children at Work, Parent’s Home Schooling” keeps those pesky little salesmen away. I already have a “no Soliciting” sign, but for some reason, salespeople seem to feel that it’s for everyone on but themselves.

I’ll run the vacuum cleaner and mop over floors on the sly. Nothing is scheduled, all is done my medical necessity. I’ve read my books, brainstormed my ideas and set up my ‘fresh thoughts 10′ directory so…Bring it on.

I’m hoping that by next November, I can be where all the other mama’s are… published! Stephanie Beck, Gnome Mama’s manuscript “David’s Angel has been released! Yeah!!! Wine and celebration in spades to you.

A medical note of interest, if I may. Our four-year old grandson has declared that since his dad got a Kidney Stone from drinking Pepsi, that beer with cause diarrhea. What a wonderful deduction – Grandma is sooooo proud of her babies. Until Next Sunday – Have a wonderful week.

Oct 3, 2010

For a laparoscopic Colonoscopy, they no longer use the good memory forgetting drug of versade. So why would I think that if I fell down a few steps, they’d give me morphine. Pain is pain, I don’t care who you are. What’s happening with the world today? Michael Jackson takes a forever trip down anesthetic avenue and the rest of the world suffers. Not fair. Even a tiny nibble of codine or percocet would have been preferable. But no, I get the aspirin free, anti-inflammatory meds. (yeah, they worked)

Life is not fair. Down the stairs of my house from the upstairs rooms to the living room, the rail is on the left side. Going down from the living room to the family room, the rail is on the right side. Since I have lived here for twenty-one years, this is not an ‘All of a sudden’ situation. So, tell my head that. Yesterday, I suffered a mild attach of the forgotten. I forgot that the hand rail was on the right side. At the same time, my left leg forgot to follow my right leg down the stairs. When they are connected, all will eventually follow. The left leg finally joined in too late and ended up folded and beneath me.

It didn’t break – isn’t that a large dip out of the lucky bucket? And, the liquid ended up around my knee cap. A little squishy, a lot painful but the ibuprophens are doing a fine job. The real kicker, I’m not supposed to go up or down stairs. Say what? But, my house is a tri-level. This just means that these next few days it will be a tri-al to get up and down them.

Ah, the body is such a curious thing. We bend it, we bruise it and sometimes we break it, but it still manages to repair itself and carry on. So…I’m going to do the same. I’m carrying on :-) Have a painless week and I’ll do the same.

Sep 12, 2010

Scrapbooking USA

There are few things in my life that I get excited about. (Heath issues frankly. Excitement causes stress, which cause...well, lets just say repercussions and use our imagination). Scrapbooking USA is one of them. Twice a year, I gear up to learn new techniques and find new and better page ideas. This Friday was opening day.

Thursday night, I gathered all my necessary paraphernalia. I put the paper in the paper section, the different colors in alphabetical order and zipped it close. This is a simple according type file that has a flap. Works wonders. Next I pulled out the huge case on rollers with a nice long handle. (Your typical suitcase on wheels). My scissors of every shape and size imaginable are in the special 'scissor' slots on one side and the special pens and stencils are housed in fancy pockets on the other side. In the center is my scrap-book. I prefer to keep my paper and cutters separate, because as I understand it, things come alive and play at night. (I've seen all three Toy Stories, and can you imagine what scissors could do to an innocent piece of card stock? The horrors.) Always bend on the side of caution. I cringe at the thought of opening my case to a confetti massacre. separation is imperative.

First thing Friday morning, I grab my purse, the roller case with the according file on top and get into my van. I feel great!

I pick up my good friend, and we arrived well before the line of patrons that wraps around the building, foaming at the mouth to get inside, and claimed the perfect table. (If you are going to be scrapbooking pages for 14 hours, you must have comfort).

Everything goes as planned, until... Our cases are unpacked, we have our glue sticks and pages in front of us and a friend stops by..."Hey, we're on our way over to the stampin' table to learn a new technique, want to come?" Who am I to say no. This is the purpose of being there.

"Sure." I leave Barb at the table (holding down the perfect fort, sort of speak) and I take four steps when it hits me. The irritating stab to the Kidneys. The urge to use the bathroom, right now. I excuse my self and run, (no time to walk) and hightail it to the restrooms. And find myself standing in a line of with several other anxious women. While I, like so many before me, are doing the ever popular

potty dance, realize that this is going to be a reoccurring problem
for the next 13 hours. I should have consumed a few tons of cranberry
Juice when I was doing all that wonderful packing and planning.
So...needless to say, I believe, all-in-all, I got two pages done.
UTI or not...I stayed until Mid-night. Hey! Scrapbooking USA
only comes around twice a year! Next time, I'm supplying the beverages.
Until next week, look forward to the fun things in life :-)

Sep 5, 2010

"But, I'm the Baby!

There are days in a child’s life that no matter what, it’s wrong.
The youngest of my grandchildren is three. He’s a darling little red-head who has had to tolerate three other, older siblings. So, the little dude learns. Fast. He learns to:
Take what he wants, when he wants. Even to the devastation of others.
“He took it from me.” (and who do we believe? The baby)
Push and fight your way; over them, through them. Whatever. If the other cries, ah, the ‘that’s just to darn bad attitude rears its ugly head.
“He started it. He hit me first.” (and who’s side do we defend? The baby)
Blames others. The youngest seems to believe that he or she never does anything wrong.
“I didn’t take it. Somebody else did; I seen him.” (and who do we believe? The baby)
I watched the cutest little guy in the world become the most mischievous little brat ever to walk the earth.
One day seemed to be particularly horrific for him. From the time he lifted his ornery head off the pillow at 5:30 a.m. until tragedy struck around two. I couldn’t quit yelling at him.
His mother works nights and his father is a soccer coach so I was helping out by tending. Or do I mean refereeing? The morning was the same. I arrive at 7:20, the same time my daughter gets home from work. We get the older children ready for school and sit them down for breakfast. “The Grouch” doesn’t want cereal, he wants eggs and toast. We fix eggs and toast. After one bite of toast and he declares that he’s full. Off he goes, out to play.
Let’s face it; grandmothers can be a tad easier on their grandchildren. Especially when he resembles his mother at that age and you see so much of her in him that…well…I might look the other way at some items. I encouraged him to go out and play. No more that five minutes goes by that the four year old is crying and saying that ‘The Grouch’ took his truck.
I tell the four year old, “Let The Grouch have it, and he’ll get tired of it soon.” (Yeah, like right after he ‘wins’ he throws it on the ground.) A little while later, The Grouch leans over and smacks his brother. For absolutely no reason that I could see. After that, he comes in begging for food. I tell him no, he didn’t eat his breakfast, he can’t have a treat. According to him, breakfast was horrible. He wanted cereal. I give him cereal; he takes one bite and goes outside. He comes back in thirty minutes later, the four year old follows, crying that ‘The Grouch’ did…this and that…and the day goes on.
Around two, I am exhausted. His mother is sleeping, the four year old is watching television and ‘The Grouch’ has pulled my last string. I send him to his room, he cries all the way down the hall, down the stairs, and into his mother’s room. He tells her that grandma is mean and she made him go to his room. She’s asks why and he says, “I don’t know, but grandma’s been yelling at me all day long.”
His mother looks at me and I give her my best, if you don’t do something with this child, I will and it will be permanent. She tells him to go to his room like grandma said. His puts his chubby little fits on his hips, and releases the crocodile tears (big and fat, the break you heart tears, which they usually do) and between hiccups declares… “But, I’m the Baby! I didn’t do nothing.”

Sep 1, 2010 Unhealthy homes contain airborne toxins by Doree Anderson

Airborne mycotoxins may be thriving in your home. Tiny spores pass through our nasal filters causing numerous medical symptoms. The root of this evil is not indestructible, Mold can be avoided or removed.
Mold arrives innocently enough. The moist sweat shirt from the fall drizzle is tossed into a plastic container. It sits, damp and forgotten for a few months in the corner of the laundry room. With the assistance of a few environmental ingredients; temperature, nitrogen, oxygen, and moisture, we have the perfect recipe for mold.
Feed it with doses of oil and dirt. Before long, this fungi will adhere to wood, sheet rock, insulation, fabric, Styrofoam, fiberboard or drywall, and proliferate causing an unclean environment. Mold has become a prime factor in several health issues. Family complaints include dizziness, flu-like symptoms, breathing difficulties, and memory and hearing loss. In some incidences, allergy suffers are unaware that they are breathing in mold spores. It may begin with a mild cough but graduate into chronic bronchitis.
Black mold or Strachybotrys chartarum, is the most dangerous form. Extreme illnesses from these spores include mental deficiencies, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many more. Black mold is greenish-black and slimy in appearance. Not only is it airborne but it can attached itself to people and animals.
Preventative steps need to be taken to control the spread of mold. Anywhere there has been a leak or sustained water damage, make sure that the area is thoroughly dried. Try to keep carpet off of basement floors. Flooding without professional cleanups is not recommended. Mishaps happen all the time and without proper ventilation, mold will spread inside flooring and wall cavities. Check for moisture in closets, bathroom cabinets, the refrigerator drip pan, house plants and garbage pails.
Always use the exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens. Keep your home well vacuumed and clean. Soap and detergents will remove the mold stain but doesn’t kill the mold. A bleach based product will clean and remove the toxins.
For more information contact Utah Disaster and Clean-up at
Educate your self and family through such places as; or Utah Department of Health Common Health Building, 288 North 1460 West, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Remember: A healthy home shelters a healthy family.

Aug 19, 2010

Ode to Tomatoes... I love tomatoes.

Juicy red tomatoes. We wait all summer long for our plants to mature. And then, yes sir ree. There it is. The first one of the season. You quickly pick it. Run it into the house. Show it to everyone, those who could care and those who could care less, even the dog and cat. Remember, it is the first one.

Drum roll please. You cut it up. (one slice because it's the first one and about the size of a cherry). With flare and excitement, you place your cut on a plate, add salt and pepper, (not too much) and take a taste. Nirvana. Oh my gracious. The juice drips down your throat. The acid alerts everyone of your thousands of taste buds. They stand, they taste, they cry. Heaven packed into a small piece of fruit.

And, the following morning, you have been blessed with the biggest cancor sore ever....with just a tiny little blister above your lip. And, as the cold sore enlarges, ask yourself this; was it worth it.
Oh! Heck, yes!!! Thank you to all the tiny tomato plants around the world. For you are my nirvana and my pain :-)

Aug 11, 2010

Happiness is...

Do you remember the song from "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown?"

I was thinking about it the other day and though, what a grand idea. Lets do a "Happiness is... for today. Look at the good side of life and smile. Show the world that your today is going great!
Happiness is... waking up in the morning.
Happiness is... good health for you and your family.
Happiness is... the time to write
Happiness is... the sun that's shinning.
Happiness is... the fresh smell of cut grass in the morning.
Happiness is... Life.

As I was walking through Murray Park, the last of the migrating ducks were hanging out and watching us very carefully. They have been so spoiled with people feeding them bread that I think they though I was going to toss them some bread. Yes, it made my little heart break, cause I had to tell them that I was empty handed. So, if you go into the park today, please take a surprise. The ducks are hungry and we've been feeding them, so let's help the little quackers survive.

Aug 5, 2010

What would you do?

I don't want to spend no more stinking monies for a group of ladies to read my story and tell me it can't win ANOTHER contest. Thirty, forty or fifty dollars circling the drain and it's only a little flush away to watch it go bye bye. Yet, I open my mail and find at least three more contests begging for entries. It's like a alcoholic in a liquor store. On Sale, your choice of Whipping -

I've never actually read, "This might not be the correct vocation for you." But, when that happens I have every intention of finding a rock and hiding under it. Shoot, I can read between the lines. I just can't write the actual lines :-)

Gee, wasn't that fun? I feel better.

I am trying to come up with a rock solid plan. A plan that has my butt in the chair, daily. I can make up some real pissy excuses when it comes to doing work. Don't get me wrong; I love writing. It's just that my muse really loves vacationing. The little sweetie has been gone for quite a while. I've left messages, written whinny notes, even set out a box of chocolates to try and lure her back, but...I ate the chocolates. And she's still AWOL. I hoping with a written out plan, I can reel her back in and soon.

So...first, we look at the activities we do on a daily basis. Necessities are a given, reading e-mails and blog sites for hours on end, not. Laundry can be done right along with writing. The floors only need to be mopped once a week and that should be 'after' the grand babies leave, not before, during, or after. The same with the vacuuming :-) Dust - well, until I figure out how in the hell it's being made, I think it can multiply for a few days at a time, not every day. But, naps are necessary. So here it goes...

Monday write for 2 hrs in the morning
Tuesday write for 5 hrs in the early after noon
Wednesday write for 5 hrs morning and early after noon
Thursday should be set aside as a day to write (try 6 hrs and work myself up
Friday should be used to do the errands, vacuum and mop. Weekend is cleaned and I'm satisfied.
Sat and Sun - well with the hubby home, that's always up in the air. Will I have time to write or not. Hum, not.
That should allow me a twenty hour writing schedule - now, lets see if it works.
My butt's in the chair :-)

Until tomorrow - sleep well, my friend.

Jul 15, 2010

Check Me Out...

I've been caught. That's right, I am now also writing on a new blog sight called The title says it all, we are some fine mamas. Sugar, Gnome, Hot Lava, Swan, Spinner, Dragon and me; Grand Mama, and we speak out about, about, yeah, life as a mom or grandma knows it, when trying our darnedest to write. The fun everyday challenges that we go through.

Let's face it, kids are a unique commodity. Cute little buggers who do things that are so hilarious that we can't help but write about them. Granted, my 'kids' are grand kids, but I too have found them to become my muse for a day, quite often. So. if you get a chance, check us out and hear what other women with children are talking about. From feeding to freedom and when you are able to find that fifteen minutes of peaceful quite that you can pound out a line or two.

See ya there!

Jun 20, 2010

Let's chat about critiquing.

This seems to be the most popular time of the year for writer's to jump on the contest wagon. Every where you look, some chapter, somewhere is holding their "Fall in Love", Best Line, Best First Page, or First Meeting contest, etc.

And for a small price you can send in your "however many pages they want," and you'll get a top notch critique on your work. Well, I will say that I am usually delighted to get all the feed back I can on a submission. Winning is not the reason to submit. I think of it as a small price to pay to see where I'm at and what needs tweaking. I do not know if I enjoy the rather rude comments that I've received and so, let's chat.

Critiquing is not an area for one frustrated writer to rip into another one. It is for beneficial criticizing.
In other words, I didn't pay money to have another writer whine about something I wrote. I did pay money to receive constructive criticism!

If you sign up to be a judge, then judge. Do not change the story to fit your likes. Some teenagers can be mouthy and snotty. We're not supposed to argue with the judge and so I won't. But I will say that "I hated this book. If the writer doesn't change the disposition of her character, this book will not sell," is not constructive criticism.

Make general comments: POV violation, dialogue doesn't sound true or timeline is confusing. I didn't get a good feel for the setting or the pacing is off. I'll even except someone telling me that my teenager comes off as a lot younger, or the child sounds more like a parent. That I can change.

Remember that critiques are given as suggestions on how to improve the writer's work, not discourage them. Needless to say, that contest might never get another entry from me. :=(

I judge quite often and I believe that there is a universal etiquette in critiquing, if you don't know what that is, take a class on it. And, don't judge until you've learned how to be encouraging!

Jun 8, 2010

I got a request ---- ye'haw.
That's right. Caren Johnson Estesen Literary Agency asked for my manuscript "Excuse Me, Do You Smell Feta Cheese? .... I'm so beside myself that I had to take a few days to let it sink in. And now that it has, I feel like I'm holding my breath - that's the wait part. I'm handling it pretty well, though. I can now go a few days, oxygen deprived and I'm sure it will be a lot more to come - bring it on. What do they say - What doesn't bring pain, wasn't earned.

It's all about the job. Authors must really like a roller coaster ride, because we hop on board more times than we care to admit. Honestly. Silly people, I say. Oh wait, I'm one of them! And I'm loving it. :-)

Anyway, I finished the manuscript and then, what do I do? I tear it up. Yep, that's the disease. See, its this good, we think, but it can be this much better. I removed the part about Dani's brother Maxwell because, he's the star of his own manuscript. Yep! I'm currently having fun with "Ante Up, Boys" My Maxwell McCarty Paranormal. Max is 12 years old and is a ... naw, too soon. I'll get back to that after, let's say, 200 pages.

Anyway... Here's to hoping that The Caren Johnson Estesen Agency falls in love with Dani McCarty because her brother's hoping to entice them as well.


May 26, 2010

The results to the Truth and Lies and Games, Oh my is....6 truths, number 5 is the lie - Thanks for participating.
Rant, rave, whine, but behave! That's the story of Doree.

And in the right corner is my new bff, Oliver. (isn't he just the cutiest little bug - such a cuddly bear)

I hate depression.
It is the most obnoxious, inconsiderate mind mutilation of all time. When it stops by, I get no warning. Just a how do you do, I'm here for you. And, not once has my little pain ever clued me in on the length of it's intended visit. The ever popular bad penny, wooden nickle or rotten egg drops it's crappy luggage and hankers down in my favorite chair. For the next while, I am a servant to it's every whim.

If I thought for even a second that I would be able to work, I was wrong. Relax, get a hair cut, have coffee with my friends, oh no, not gonna happen. You see, depression tends to recruit those around you. If you're down, they are encouraged to join you. Jokes, oh, no sir, those you'll be checking in at the door. Smiles and happy thoughts are off limits. I am it's hostage.

So, what do you do? Pop another prozac? Hide behind closed windows and doors? Yeah. That's always been my salvation to existence during Depressions impromptu visit. Hide now, apologize later. So, to all my friends that have tried to tolerate, but retreated due to my most unflattering disposition these last couple of days, I have a bushel of rotten tomatoes with your names (gently) etched into them, ready for action. I will be standing on my front porch tomorrow decked out in the top of the line rain gear. See ya there!

the fine print: Not redeemable on any other day. Hours may vary - check your local times and if the responisble party makes a showing, I'd be surprised. Call me anytime. Except when I don't answer. Brought to you by me - happy Doree.

May 15, 2010

Truths and Lies and Games, Oh My!

Author Amber Scott tagged me in a fun, get to know an author game. To play, the author can either do 6 lies and a truth or 6 truths and a lie. You, the reader, get to guess which version I picked and, accordingly, which is the lie or which is the truth.

It’s a ton of fun.

The person who can guess mine accurately will receive a

$40.00 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory for a 'dinner by me.'

Here goes:

1) My career test in high school stated that I would make an excellent Catholic school teacher.
2) I was a model for the Sears clothing catalog.
3) During my years in school, only one teacher ever pronounced my name correctly.
4) When I was twelve, I had to have my left leg pulled down and into alignment from standing too long.
5) Neil Diamond requested the lyrics to a song I had written a couple of years ago, he didn't buy it though.
6) I was born head down in a hospital bedpan.
7) I was a member of a singing group that performed in four states one summer.

Leave your guess under the comments field and I'll get back to you with your results.

Happy blogging.

May 14, 2010

2010 Graduations. How many will you attend this year.

My brother and I drove down to Las Vegas on the 7th of June to attend my nephew, Bryan Necessary's graduation from UNLV. This year, the number of graduates receiving diploma's was such a fantastic number that the university divided up their colleges into two ceremonies. So, on Saturday, the day of the commencement exercises, Bryan's Liberal Arts College was scheduled for 2:00. (I really would have preferred the 9:00 am time slot, but then I am just a minor incident as an aunt - the smallest pest known to man).

We left Salt Lake at 55 degrees and ended up in Vegas at 76 degrees on Friday. Saturday out did it's self... 88 degree's as we waited outside of the Thomas and Mack center for my sister and her family to find us. It was hot. Not as hot as it would get, but, hot!

The commencement exercises started promptly at 2:00 pm (very impressive) but they didn't start with the graduate class names until 4:00. Needless to say, with the need to be back in Salt Lake that night, we left before my nephew's name was called. (Two hours too soon) before his name was called).

I was proud to see such an accomplishment realized by so many kids. The first cords of Pomp and Circumstance pulled up the strings to my back and there I sat, in the upper balcony section of the event center and smiled. Wide, strong and so very proud. And then, when I thought about the hard work these kids have put into their education only to be released into a society that is struggling, broke my heart. Where are the jobs that these kids need to pay back the money they borrowed? Will the majority of them ever see the light of being debt free? Hardly.

Only a handful of the top students will receive a paycheck. The rest, sad to say, will be told that they are overqualified because, they have a degree. One door opens and another one closes and frankly, it's a damn shame. These proud kid's may never reap what they have sewn, may never benefit from their two, four or longer years of hard work.

But, no matter what, I sure am proud of our young adults and the fact that they still put their first foot forward and it is a recognition for all of us. Congradulations to each an every graduate of 2010.

Apr 25, 2010

DNA Testing/Character Resemblance

*Note: the picture on the left has nothing to do with DNA testing, I just thought it was great! :-)

So, you're doing your character sketch and wondering about the genetics of recessive eye coloring. You have two people with blue eyes, so what color would the babies be? Blue. Why? Blue is a recessive gene. In order to disrupt the blue gene, you need to sprinkle in a dominant color, i.e. brown. The scientific explanation is below:

This is the simplest case of dominance. The allele that produced the working protein would be dominant over the allele that produced the defective protein. Individuals with two copies of the working allele and individuals with one copy of the working and one copy of the defective allele would both be able to produce working protein. Only individuals with two copies of the defective allele would be unable to produce working protein. The allele that produces this defective protein would be recessive to the allele that produces the functional protein.

Dominance can also be produced by other differences between the protein products of alleles - a recessive allele does not mean a defective gene product. Dominant and recessive should be taken only as descriptions of the expression of alleles, and not given any value judgement. Blue eyes are not worse than green or brown eyes.

Dominant and recessive flavors of genes and the presence of genes on chromosomes that come in pairs can explain the eye color inheritance patterns described here (but remember that there is more to human eye color inheritance than the simple two gene model described here).

The bey2 gene has two flavors - brown is dominant over blue. Each individual has two copies of this gene, each can be one of the flavors. The possible allele combinations for the bey2 gene are: brown-brown, brown-blue, and blue-blue. Of these three, the brown-brown and brown-blue combinations will both produce brown eyes, as brown is dominant over blue. Only the blue-blue combination will produce blue eyes.

But there is a second common gene for eye color - the gey gene. It also has two flavors - green is dominant over blue. In addition, a green allele of gey is dominant over a blue allele of bey2 and recessive to a brown allele of bey. Thus the alleles of the two genes have a dominance hierarchy - bey2-brown is dominant over everything else, gey-green is dominant over bey2-blue and gey-blue but recessive to bey2-brown, and both of the blues are recessive to everything else. Thus the bey2 (brown/blue) gene might be better thought of as the brown/non-brown gene.

To tie this into a nice easy explanation, let us try...

Chromosomes are long, stringy aggregates of genes that carry heredity information. They are composed of DNA and proteins and are located within the nucleus of our cells. Chromosomes determine everything from hair color and eye color to sex.

Human genetics. A discipline concerned with genetically determined resemblances and differences among human beings. In normal humans, the nucleus of each normal cell contains 46 chromosomes, which comprise of 23 different pairs.

The final piece of the story (and remember, it is just a story, there are more than just these two genes involved in eye color inheritance) is that a child gets one chromosome of each pair from each parent. The bey2 gene is on chromosome 15. A parent with brown-blue alleles of the bey2 gene has a pair of chromosome 15s, with the brown allele on one and the blue allele on the other. This parent could give either the chromosome bearing the brown allele or the chromosome bearing the blue allele to a child. A child with brown-blue alleles of the bey2 gene got the brown allele (and one copy of chromosome 15) from one parent, and the blue allele (and the other copy of chromosome 15) from the other parent.

If you are looking for those dominant traits, check the simple inheritance patterns.
A few dominant traits are: Widow's peak, facial dimples, unattached earlobe, cleft chin, brunette iris, color vision, brunette hair, normal nose, ability to roll tongue, normal pinkies, normal thumb, freckles and wet-type earwax.

Science, don't cha just luv it? Enjoy those critical character items.

Apr 6, 2010

A New Outlook or...Never Stop Learning

Yes sir ree! I ate lotsa goodies for Easter. Peeps - I sure love them peeps. Not so much them green ones, they just don't look quite right. Wish it had been prettier weather. Would have liked to catch me some of them cute little bunnies...I mean Easter eggs, yeah-wrangle me up a mess of good looking, pretty, colorful Easter eggs. That's Right!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter. My husband and I enjoyed "The Blind Side" Easter Sunday afternoon and I must say, that was a very good movie. I love Sandra Bullock. Have watched almost all of her movies, but I don't really see 'award winner' here. Her role, (don't get me wrong) was great. A hard nosed, do as I say, yet big heart'ed Christian woman is truly outside of my expertise. I'm just saying that Tim McGraw, Kathy Bates and Quinton Aaron did a fantastic job as well. Bravo to all. I especially loved the little brother-what a kid!

On to the importance of my blogging. Writing. My passion, my reason for getting up every morning (other than lounging around in my jammies with a great excuse). I have been spending a huge amount of my time, learning. That's right. One of the most important aspects of writing is 'always learning.'

Learning how to form a sentence. Learning to draw a picture with words and learning how to mold a character into someone a reader can love or hate. It's not that easy. When I started writing, I thought - Gee, how tough could this be? I graduated from high school, so easy, breezy. Poo!

Hello, can you say 'draw' not 'tell'. Show the reader exactly what you see. Wow, that's hard. I see everything in my mind. I see the oak tree blooming right above the young lovers heads. Yeah, I can see that soft glow of color waiting to shout, I'm here! A tiny tinge of green waiting to burst out into a full leafy bloom. But, how important is that?

Well, let's see: Young Lovers beneath a tree in early spring have the crisp clean air around them. The birds that have been gone since winter are back, chirping and hopping from limb to limb. The tree is coming alive, her leaves are just at the edge of unfolding into brand new bright green. All of that plays a big part in, let's say, their first kiss. The gentle breeze brushes her hair aside as his hand gently cups her cheek. The song of the birds seem to serenade as he leans his head into hers. There lips touch once, twice, before opening up, unfolding like the leaves. It's all new. A new season, a new birth, a new relationship.

Oh, and don't forget the ground, the grass, the flowers...or the sky, the bright blue, puffy white clouds, the sun shinning down and warming up what was recently frozen. It all adds to the couple. It isn't just a boy and a girl tenderly kissing for the first time. It's the whole picture. Major drawing, not just telling.

Every book I've picked up for the last few months, I'm sorry; but happy to say, has been a how to, smooth out your craft. And I really think that this Paranormal YA and Contemporary Romance writing chick is starting to GET IT!!! Soon, Excuse Me, Did you say Feta Cheese, will be done and on it's glorious way to find a agent to room with. :-0

Here's to the future start of another fun book.

Mar 10, 2010

Dean Wendell Anderson

We placed a man to rest today,
A man as fine as wine,
He'll forever be a part of us,
As we live out our time.

We said goodbye, and kissed
his cheek, his children one
by one. We spoke of him in
words of praise for all that he had done.

Four children, he had fathered
with discipline and praise.
We'll remember him for all we've learned
beside him night and day.

For now we'll say farewell to you
A soldier, friend, our dad;
For eternity, you're with our mom
And for that, our hearts are glad.

Born: January 19, 1917 Died March 5, 2010 at the age of 93

Sleep well, our gentle soul, tears of pain we shed. But we all know, we'll see you soon and that my friend's not bad. Your loving daughter-in-law, 3/10/2010

Feb 9, 2010

Adapting to our environment: How often do you notice that people in the same family take on the same mannerisms? How many times have you seen humans and their dogs take on a resemblance in each others personality? Well, here is a good example of the adopted becoming one with their family.

This picture of the meerkats reminds me of the game on Sesame Street: One of these things are different than the other; can you tell which one. Yes, the cat. Yet, when you take a look at the family, you see them all reflecting the same mannerisms. The cat has learned to sit on its haunches and balance with the front legs dangling down, the ears are laid back and the head is held perfectly in position. But, could this feral cat stand up fully erect like the one at the end? Yes, because we are all taught how to crawl and then stand by our family.

I think this shows that animals don't discriminate. If another animal isn't aggressive or reflect a sense of danger, they accept them. We are raised the same way. As long as we do not feel in danger, we accept those around us. Unfortunately, ours is also a society that rates others that we don't take the time to know.

Bigotry shows ignorance. When my daughter was in the fifth grade, she was having a birthday sleep over. She invited several young ladies from her class to join her. The most came without question except for one. He father wanted to know which Ward my daughter was a member of. We are a clean cut law abiding family but it wasn't enough. Now, we had to be a member of a specific religion in order for this child to come to our home. My daughter lied! She knew of the ward so she told the father. I thought it was rather funny at the time but as the years progressed I came to understand that we have a lot of humans playing at being one with the group. That there are too many people who change their outward appearance to become accepted. The wolf in sheep's clothing, Michael Jackson-from black to white, Gay to straight, old to young.

Instead of dressing the part to fit in, learn their mannerisms, understand their beliefs and study their society but never change your appearance to suit another. We are all our own person, everyone should accept us as we are. If a cat wants to stand with a meerkat I think it is wonderful.

Feb 5, 2010

Oh, those wonderful opportunities to write...

Twitter: I read twitter when I can actually sign in. This tends to be rare because I always seem to have suspicious activities on it. Since I'm not on it much, I don't care. You only have so many characters to make a statement with. I'm a writer, I have to describe everything.

Space Book: I'm not on space book so I can't say one way or another. But if you don't mind being public property, then go for it. I tend to be hesitant in giving out information because, well, we have too many scrupulous individuals out there that think if you're on the sight, your personal information is theirs.

Craig's List: Here again, I'm not on it. I did enough research and heard enough about client problems with it that, I think I'm going to pass. Check out the sites that you are on, get as much information as you can before you supply your whole kit-n-cabootle.

Yahoo groups: Recently I had a meeting on one of the yahoo groups and ended up without a computer for a couple of days. Not one but several nasty little bugs jumped on board while I was exposed. There is no guarantee that you are actually on a safe site, therefore you need to be responsible for your system.

Okay, here is the deal. If you want to be heard, if you need to sound off, here is the best way to get your thoughts expressed without giving up your information: The Newspaper, A popular Magazine, or at a community forum. Newspapers are looking for information to keep readers reading. If there is something going on in your neck of the woods and you feel strongly about it either pro or con, kick out an opinion. We have an amendment in the Constitution of the United States that says we have the right to free speech. So, Speak

Write an article and submit it to the 'public opinion' editor. Study the magazines that interest you and where you feel your information would best fit, get the editor's name and submit it (submission instructions can be found on their website).

And finally, getting a moment to speak your piece at the community forum just takes a request to be placed on the docket. This can be done by visiting your local Court House or Center.

Or, and this is my personal opinion...start your own blog and just spill it. You Go! It is said that if you have a burden you are carrying, share it and others will help you resolve it.

The fine print: I have only mentioned the four avenues that I know about. I'm sure there are other public engines out there that others are in favor of participating in, I just don't know, nor do I wish to know them at this time.

Jan 1, 2010

And again, the ball has dropped. Yes. I like so many other enthusiastic believers that a new year is a fresh beginning sat in my easy chair and witness the dropping of the ball, the end of the old and the welcome to the new. How exciting.

Ah, but is it? Exciting. So many people will spring up from their beds this morning (at least those not swearing 'they'll never drink another drop, God, if you'll just let me live)all excited to start their...... fill in New Year's Resolution here.

Diet? And I will, I promise. (next year)
To be more Organized? Well, yeah. But it's going to take me a year to get organized before I can be organized, sheesh.
To be a better person? I always thought I was but I'll smile more often, yeah that'll do it.
Give more to Charities? One can only donate blood some many times before they need a transfusion themselves. (but - it does make you feel good. I'm giving platelets on Monday. If you're feeling good, join me won't you?)

*Okay, last night, minutes before the year ended, you agreed to do your resolution. So, today, 12 hours into 2010, are you standing by your resolutions?

So, here is Doree's resolutions: 1) To spend more time writing. That's what I do, so danged if I ain't going to. 2) Stay on top of my household chores. Happy days, I have OCD. Everything in my house is clean, organized, maintained to the point sometimes of driving my hubby nuts. 3) Spend more time with my grandchildren. And I will, just as soon as all four of them are in school full time and have a ton of friends to play with. As grandparents, hubby and I take the kids almost every other weekend for sleepovers, sheesh. 4) Diet; oh hell no. Give up chocolate, cola, every thing that is good in this world - yeah? No way and I think not.

So until next year; I bid you a great beginning on those resolutions.