Oct 26, 2010



This is the most exciting time for me. I love November 1st and a chance to sit my patootie in the old chair and pound out another novel. I try to get at least three manuscripts written per year and having a whole month dedicated to just writing is fantastic. I call everyone I know and tell them that, phone calls are not answer. Leave a message and after I have completed 2500 words that day, I’ll call ‘em back. The door bell is disconnected and a sign on the door that reads “Children at Work, Parent’s Home Schooling” keeps those pesky little salesmen away. I already have a “no Soliciting” sign, but for some reason, salespeople seem to feel that it’s for everyone on but themselves.

I’ll run the vacuum cleaner and mop over floors on the sly. Nothing is scheduled, all is done my medical necessity. I’ve read my books, brainstormed my ideas and set up my ‘fresh thoughts 10′ directory so…Bring it on.

I’m hoping that by next November, I can be where all the other mama’s are… published! Stephanie Beck, Gnome Mama’s manuscript “David’s Angel has been released! Yeah!!! Wine and celebration in spades to you.

A medical note of interest, if I may. Our four-year old grandson has declared that since his dad got a Kidney Stone from drinking Pepsi, that beer with cause diarrhea. What a wonderful deduction – Grandma is sooooo proud of her babies. Until Next Sunday – Have a wonderful week.

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