May 26, 2010

Rant, rave, whine, but behave! That's the story of Doree.

And in the right corner is my new bff, Oliver. (isn't he just the cutiest little bug - such a cuddly bear)

I hate depression.
It is the most obnoxious, inconsiderate mind mutilation of all time. When it stops by, I get no warning. Just a how do you do, I'm here for you. And, not once has my little pain ever clued me in on the length of it's intended visit. The ever popular bad penny, wooden nickle or rotten egg drops it's crappy luggage and hankers down in my favorite chair. For the next while, I am a servant to it's every whim.

If I thought for even a second that I would be able to work, I was wrong. Relax, get a hair cut, have coffee with my friends, oh no, not gonna happen. You see, depression tends to recruit those around you. If you're down, they are encouraged to join you. Jokes, oh, no sir, those you'll be checking in at the door. Smiles and happy thoughts are off limits. I am it's hostage.

So, what do you do? Pop another prozac? Hide behind closed windows and doors? Yeah. That's always been my salvation to existence during Depressions impromptu visit. Hide now, apologize later. So, to all my friends that have tried to tolerate, but retreated due to my most unflattering disposition these last couple of days, I have a bushel of rotten tomatoes with your names (gently) etched into them, ready for action. I will be standing on my front porch tomorrow decked out in the top of the line rain gear. See ya there!

the fine print: Not redeemable on any other day. Hours may vary - check your local times and if the responisble party makes a showing, I'd be surprised. Call me anytime. Except when I don't answer. Brought to you by me - happy Doree.

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