Feb 5, 2010

Oh, those wonderful opportunities to write...

Twitter: I read twitter when I can actually sign in. This tends to be rare because I always seem to have suspicious activities on it. Since I'm not on it much, I don't care. You only have so many characters to make a statement with. I'm a writer, I have to describe everything.

Space Book: I'm not on space book so I can't say one way or another. But if you don't mind being public property, then go for it. I tend to be hesitant in giving out information because, well, we have too many scrupulous individuals out there that think if you're on the sight, your personal information is theirs.

Craig's List: Here again, I'm not on it. I did enough research and heard enough about client problems with it that, I think I'm going to pass. Check out the sites that you are on, get as much information as you can before you supply your whole kit-n-cabootle.

Yahoo groups: Recently I had a meeting on one of the yahoo groups and ended up without a computer for a couple of days. Not one but several nasty little bugs jumped on board while I was exposed. There is no guarantee that you are actually on a safe site, therefore you need to be responsible for your system.

Okay, here is the deal. If you want to be heard, if you need to sound off, here is the best way to get your thoughts expressed without giving up your information: The Newspaper, A popular Magazine, or at a community forum. Newspapers are looking for information to keep readers reading. If there is something going on in your neck of the woods and you feel strongly about it either pro or con, kick out an opinion. We have an amendment in the Constitution of the United States that says we have the right to free speech. So, Speak

Write an article and submit it to the 'public opinion' editor. Study the magazines that interest you and where you feel your information would best fit, get the editor's name and submit it (submission instructions can be found on their website).

And finally, getting a moment to speak your piece at the community forum just takes a request to be placed on the docket. This can be done by visiting your local Court House or Center.

Or, and this is my personal opinion...start your own blog and just spill it. You Go! It is said that if you have a burden you are carrying, share it and others will help you resolve it.

The fine print: I have only mentioned the four avenues that I know about. I'm sure there are other public engines out there that others are in favor of participating in, I just don't know, nor do I wish to know them at this time.

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