Jan 1, 2010

And again, the ball has dropped. Yes. I like so many other enthusiastic believers that a new year is a fresh beginning sat in my easy chair and witness the dropping of the ball, the end of the old and the welcome to the new. How exciting.

Ah, but is it? Exciting. So many people will spring up from their beds this morning (at least those not swearing 'they'll never drink another drop, God, if you'll just let me live)all excited to start their...... fill in New Year's Resolution here.

Diet? And I will, I promise. (next year)
To be more Organized? Well, yeah. But it's going to take me a year to get organized before I can be organized, sheesh.
To be a better person? I always thought I was but I'll smile more often, yeah that'll do it.
Give more to Charities? One can only donate blood some many times before they need a transfusion themselves. (but - it does make you feel good. I'm giving platelets on Monday. If you're feeling good, join me won't you?)

*Okay, last night, minutes before the year ended, you agreed to do your resolution. So, today, 12 hours into 2010, are you standing by your resolutions?

So, here is Doree's resolutions: 1) To spend more time writing. That's what I do, so danged if I ain't going to. 2) Stay on top of my household chores. Happy days, I have OCD. Everything in my house is clean, organized, maintained to the point sometimes of driving my hubby nuts. 3) Spend more time with my grandchildren. And I will, just as soon as all four of them are in school full time and have a ton of friends to play with. As grandparents, hubby and I take the kids almost every other weekend for sleepovers, sheesh. 4) Diet; oh hell no. Give up chocolate, cola, every thing that is good in this world - yeah? No way and I think not.

So until next year; I bid you a great beginning on those resolutions.