Nov 1, 2010

Guten Auben Herr Halloween

The spooks have all been put to bed
All that candy gone to their head
And now as parents we stand back to see
Just how dang sick they’re gonna be.

Chocolate, chewy’s and gum for miles or more
Halloween traditions bought from the store.
Say so long to the spiders, the ghosts and the ghouls
Holidays are sprouting – now Christmas Trees rule!

The weather was not ideal for lasts nights trek to the houses. It rained, it stormed and then goodness, it rained some more. My grandson’s little feet were frozen, their tiny fingers were bright pink, but do you think they’d had enough? No. Their bags were dragging by the time they returned to my door. Soaked, but delighted with all their cavity causing merchandise. It was the highlight to the hot and heavy costumes, coats and umbrella’s that they had to wear.
This morning, after a quick church service, I ran to the grocery story and ‘what a transition‘ had occurred. Spiders are gone and Santa has arrived. No moment of deep breath nor preparation was allowed. Out with the bags of fun sized and in with the holiday wrapping paper. The heavy holiday season has just arrived, big sized.
It’s my least favorite time of the year. I prefer the summer months of thanks to our service men, fireworks and picnics. A few words of gratitude and humbling memorials and we get on with our lives. Quick, easy and done. Now, we spend almost everyday worrying about what to get Uncle Tom, Dick and Harry. Chewing our fingers over our guess regarding the shirt size we bought for Teri, Diane or Hilga. Did we miss any one? Oh, and the all time favorite – what am I supposed to where to the company Christmas Party.
Oops, it looks like Grand Mama needs a sweet drink, a good book and a warm blanket so that November arrives smooth and happy. Beware of the boogie man and smile for the fat bird to feast and the family around the Thanksgiving table. Here’s to the up coming holidays and putting on a happy face.
Until next Sunday, have a great week behind the keyboards and a lot of words for Nano

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