May 15, 2010

Truths and Lies and Games, Oh My!

Author Amber Scott tagged me in a fun, get to know an author game. To play, the author can either do 6 lies and a truth or 6 truths and a lie. You, the reader, get to guess which version I picked and, accordingly, which is the lie or which is the truth.

It’s a ton of fun.

The person who can guess mine accurately will receive a

$40.00 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory for a 'dinner by me.'

Here goes:

1) My career test in high school stated that I would make an excellent Catholic school teacher.
2) I was a model for the Sears clothing catalog.
3) During my years in school, only one teacher ever pronounced my name correctly.
4) When I was twelve, I had to have my left leg pulled down and into alignment from standing too long.
5) Neil Diamond requested the lyrics to a song I had written a couple of years ago, he didn't buy it though.
6) I was born head down in a hospital bedpan.
7) I was a member of a singing group that performed in four states one summer.

Leave your guess under the comments field and I'll get back to you with your results.

Happy blogging.


  1. I'll Play. I'm going to guess six truths and one lie version. Do I need to guess which one is the lie?


  2. Okay, I agree. Six truths. Is the lie #4?

  3. Yes, Kim, I need to know which you think is a lie or the truth :-)