Jun 19, 2011

A little early for Thanksgiving, but yesterday, the Mohacs stopped by for dinner. Not all were happy. (Ya think!)

Happy Father's Day

I think that it should be said that there are certain things that make a 'father' and making a child isn't one of them.
That being said; let me say; Happy Father's Day to:
The father who holds his child's hand as they walk across the street.
The father who sits for hours at a time and watches the child on the play ground, each and every time that his son/daughter shouts out, "watch me, daddy," and he does with a gentle, caring smile on his face.
The father who rocks his sniffling child and assures him/her that the pain will go away.
The father that hugs his son/daughter and promises he'll keep them safe, no matter what.
The father that carries his son/daughter across the puddle of water or through the mud.
The queasy father who holds his son/daughter as the doctor stitches up the wound.
The athletic father who pushes his son/daughter's wheelchair across the field, proudly.
The father who carries his son on his shoulders, hold his daughter's hand in the fold of his arm as he walks her down the aisle to marry a man he doesn't understand.
But most of all, I want to wish a huge Happy Father's Day to the father that his son/daughter rushes to the front door and flings themselves into his arms the moment he gets home because they've waited all day for him to return. That's the father that deserves this happy recognition day!
To my husband, who's daughter wishes to say, "Yep, my dad deserves a Happy Father's Day.