May 23, 2012

It's coming Out~~~ ANTE UP
The first week of June, Ante Up will be available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Createspace Hard copy.
Yep, that's Callum. I Know!
I'm tickled that Max has done his story. Now for Darla...
Welcome Back, Procrastinator!

It's been quite a while since I've written anything on my blog site. Let's fix that. I have been writing. I've had some wonderful hours filled with my characters from the DunMuller Series and the Welcome Home Series. Once those are done and put on Amazon, I'll get back to my previously scheduled posting. (what writer doesn't dish out this same lie?) My next series is in the planning stage. I am looking forward to doing a novella for the middle grade about sharing and consequences. Looks like my summer has been.... scheduled! Although, I have to admit... I love it.
Waiting is out and can be easily found under Amazon. Waiting, Doree (there are soooo many books with the same title that you have to go through way to many to finally get to mine. Here is a shortcut. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Feb 12, 2012

Where have you been?

I've been making a move that took several deliberating days, hours and headaches. Excuse Me, my young adult paranormal was twisted, turned and soon renamed to 'Waiting'. On December 26th, Waiting was self published. On January 23rd, I hosted a book bomb. WOW. What a great way to get 'the word out' and Waiting made three Amazon top selling lists. 28th place :) Oh yeah!

 Now, I back at it again. Ante Up is going through another twist and turn so that soon, this book can follow it's other. I must tell you, being published gives you the absolute feeling that you've made it. That all those years and query letters finally say ... "Yes, you are a author... a writer.
Until next week, have a happy and healthy week.

Dec 4, 2011

Es dos nicht eine O Tannenbaum?

Isn't this pretty. No, it doesn't lean like the Tower of Pisa. The photographer is tilted. Always has been a little to the right :).

This is the season for bright colors, carolers, cards, and Christmas Trees. It is also the reason to review what you've done. Who you've helped and maybe those you've hurt who need to be remembered and reassured that you are sorry.

I like to put up the decorations. I do not care for the holiday. I have very little memories from Christmas' past except those that involve my daughter, and now my grandchildren. To me, it tends to be a let down and depression sneaks up and I spend the week between Christmas and New Years doing what oodles of other people are doing...mental evaluations. Is That All There Is?

This year-I've put a kibosh on Christmas music. I started hearing it before Halloween even had a chance to be thought about, let alone celebrated. Isn't that sad. So, the 'season's songs' are nada at the Anderson's. But, have no fear, there is a Christmas Tree this year and (shhh) Candles in the yard :)

Nov 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Day and the Next, the Next...

It's day four- after Thanksgiving and I open the door to the refrigerator. What shall we eat. Seriously? Turkey...again. Please...give me food. A nice juicy hamburger. Throw some cheese on that. A fattening order of fries, no more mashed potatoes or yams for another month, I pray. And the pie, oh my. I'll be pulling out the next waist size, I cry.

But over it is and another month of NANO is coming to an end. Yeah...I proud to claim, I've accomplished my goal and I've won. Again.

December is the month to repair the 'editor in the closet' novellas that I wrote in November. December is the month that I get to wonder just what the heck I was thinking. And who is this character...where did he come from? Why in the world would she do that? And again, I must repeat my all time favorite...What in the world was I thinking about when I wrote that?

Welcome Christmas, colors of bright red and greens lights, the snow (we hope) that covers the yards, and the bright decorations that bring the season to life. Trees in the windows, a wreath on the door, smiles from neighbors as you pass on the street. It's the friendliest winter holiday.

Oct 17, 2011

Scott and I had been thinking about replacing our French doors from the dinning room to the deck. The outside of the door was looking pretty hammered. I shopped around (Yikes) and finally we decided to go with Pella Windows and Doors. The representative came out and measured the door, we went through pretty pictures and decided to go with a Basic Door and Storm Door. I really wanted to be able to open my door
 and still keep the flies, wasps, bees, and other obnoxious pests out. We ordered it, and promptly fell over with shock. Holly Tomorrow, it was very expensive. When I say expensive, I mean kiss a few thousand dollars adios
It didn't help that the door we had was odd sized and a contractor would need to redo the wall around the door. Charming, yes? least I got new paneling on the back of the house. I had 'accidentally' melted ours when I moved the barbecue closer to the house. Hey, I know better now. Will it ever happen again? Lets go with...hope not!
Gritting teeth, we ordered our new door on the 17 of August. They were to install it on the 3rd of October. W e l l that didn't happen. Oh they started to insert the door. Came back the next day to put up new siding, came back two weeks later to sheet rock, mud and put frame around the door. So, on October 14th, it was done. Whew.
Kelsey and I spent Saturday repainting the walls of the dinning room. I am happy to say, all is done and the room is gorgeous. I love having my door opened and the storm door closed. It let's the light in.

Sep 11, 2011

Red, White and Blue - 9/11/2011

You arrive at work, you park your car. Beside your desk, no worries at all. Then, because of an enemy, your life comes to an end, now every 9/11...we'll remember you again.

American Airlines flight 11 hit the North Tower of the Worlds Trade Center
United Airlines flight 175 hit the South Tower of the Worlds Trade Center
American Airlines flight 77 hits the Pentagon
United Airlines flight 93 was brought down by American passengers fight against the al-Qaeda terrorist militants that tried to hijack their plane on route to the US Capital.

In a few short hours, nearly 3000 innocent citizens of the US died because of al-Qaeda.

And now our boys are dying in the War On Terrorism - You Can Run, But You Can't Hide as America shows her pride.