Apr 6, 2010

A New Outlook or...Never Stop Learning

Yes sir ree! I ate lotsa goodies for Easter. Peeps - I sure love them peeps. Not so much them green ones, they just don't look quite right. Wish it had been prettier weather. Would have liked to catch me some of them cute little bunnies...I mean Easter eggs, yeah-wrangle me up a mess of good looking, pretty, colorful Easter eggs. That's Right!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter. My husband and I enjoyed "The Blind Side" Easter Sunday afternoon and I must say, that was a very good movie. I love Sandra Bullock. Have watched almost all of her movies, but I don't really see 'award winner' here. Her role, (don't get me wrong) was great. A hard nosed, do as I say, yet big heart'ed Christian woman is truly outside of my expertise. I'm just saying that Tim McGraw, Kathy Bates and Quinton Aaron did a fantastic job as well. Bravo to all. I especially loved the little brother-what a kid!

On to the importance of my blogging. Writing. My passion, my reason for getting up every morning (other than lounging around in my jammies with a great excuse). I have been spending a huge amount of my time, learning. That's right. One of the most important aspects of writing is 'always learning.'

Learning how to form a sentence. Learning to draw a picture with words and learning how to mold a character into someone a reader can love or hate. It's not that easy. When I started writing, I thought - Gee, how tough could this be? I graduated from high school, so easy, breezy. Poo!

Hello, can you say 'draw' not 'tell'. Show the reader exactly what you see. Wow, that's hard. I see everything in my mind. I see the oak tree blooming right above the young lovers heads. Yeah, I can see that soft glow of color waiting to shout, I'm here! A tiny tinge of green waiting to burst out into a full leafy bloom. But, how important is that?

Well, let's see: Young Lovers beneath a tree in early spring have the crisp clean air around them. The birds that have been gone since winter are back, chirping and hopping from limb to limb. The tree is coming alive, her leaves are just at the edge of unfolding into brand new bright green. All of that plays a big part in, let's say, their first kiss. The gentle breeze brushes her hair aside as his hand gently cups her cheek. The song of the birds seem to serenade as he leans his head into hers. There lips touch once, twice, before opening up, unfolding like the leaves. It's all new. A new season, a new birth, a new relationship.

Oh, and don't forget the ground, the grass, the flowers...or the sky, the bright blue, puffy white clouds, the sun shinning down and warming up what was recently frozen. It all adds to the couple. It isn't just a boy and a girl tenderly kissing for the first time. It's the whole picture. Major drawing, not just telling.

Every book I've picked up for the last few months, I'm sorry; but happy to say, has been a how to, smooth out your craft. And I really think that this Paranormal YA and Contemporary Romance writing chick is starting to GET IT!!! Soon, Excuse Me, Did you say Feta Cheese, will be done and on it's glorious way to find a agent to room with. :-0

Here's to the future start of another fun book.

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