Jul 15, 2010

Check Me Out...

I've been caught. That's right, I am now also writing on a new blog sight called The title says it all, we are some fine mamas. Sugar, Gnome, Hot Lava, Swan, Spinner, Dragon and me; Grand Mama, and we speak out about, about, yeah, life as a mom or grandma knows it, when trying our darnedest to write. The fun everyday challenges that we go through.

Let's face it, kids are a unique commodity. Cute little buggers who do things that are so hilarious that we can't help but write about them. Granted, my 'kids' are grand kids, but I too have found them to become my muse for a day, quite often. So. if you get a chance, check us out and hear what other women with children are talking about. From feeding to freedom and when you are able to find that fifteen minutes of peaceful quite that you can pound out a line or two.

See ya there!