Feb 9, 2010

Adapting to our environment: How often do you notice that people in the same family take on the same mannerisms? How many times have you seen humans and their dogs take on a resemblance in each others personality? Well, here is a good example of the adopted becoming one with their family.

This picture of the meerkats reminds me of the game on Sesame Street: One of these things are different than the other; can you tell which one. Yes, the cat. Yet, when you take a look at the family, you see them all reflecting the same mannerisms. The cat has learned to sit on its haunches and balance with the front legs dangling down, the ears are laid back and the head is held perfectly in position. But, could this feral cat stand up fully erect like the one at the end? Yes, because we are all taught how to crawl and then stand by our family.

I think this shows that animals don't discriminate. If another animal isn't aggressive or reflect a sense of danger, they accept them. We are raised the same way. As long as we do not feel in danger, we accept those around us. Unfortunately, ours is also a society that rates others that we don't take the time to know.

Bigotry shows ignorance. When my daughter was in the fifth grade, she was having a birthday sleep over. She invited several young ladies from her class to join her. The most came without question except for one. He father wanted to know which Ward my daughter was a member of. We are a clean cut law abiding family but it wasn't enough. Now, we had to be a member of a specific religion in order for this child to come to our home. My daughter lied! She knew of the ward so she told the father. I thought it was rather funny at the time but as the years progressed I came to understand that we have a lot of humans playing at being one with the group. That there are too many people who change their outward appearance to become accepted. The wolf in sheep's clothing, Michael Jackson-from black to white, Gay to straight, old to young.

Instead of dressing the part to fit in, learn their mannerisms, understand their beliefs and study their society but never change your appearance to suit another. We are all our own person, everyone should accept us as we are. If a cat wants to stand with a meerkat I think it is wonderful.

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