Aug 5, 2010

What would you do?

I don't want to spend no more stinking monies for a group of ladies to read my story and tell me it can't win ANOTHER contest. Thirty, forty or fifty dollars circling the drain and it's only a little flush away to watch it go bye bye. Yet, I open my mail and find at least three more contests begging for entries. It's like a alcoholic in a liquor store. On Sale, your choice of Whipping -

I've never actually read, "This might not be the correct vocation for you." But, when that happens I have every intention of finding a rock and hiding under it. Shoot, I can read between the lines. I just can't write the actual lines :-)

Gee, wasn't that fun? I feel better.

I am trying to come up with a rock solid plan. A plan that has my butt in the chair, daily. I can make up some real pissy excuses when it comes to doing work. Don't get me wrong; I love writing. It's just that my muse really loves vacationing. The little sweetie has been gone for quite a while. I've left messages, written whinny notes, even set out a box of chocolates to try and lure her back, but...I ate the chocolates. And she's still AWOL. I hoping with a written out plan, I can reel her back in and soon.

So...first, we look at the activities we do on a daily basis. Necessities are a given, reading e-mails and blog sites for hours on end, not. Laundry can be done right along with writing. The floors only need to be mopped once a week and that should be 'after' the grand babies leave, not before, during, or after. The same with the vacuuming :-) Dust - well, until I figure out how in the hell it's being made, I think it can multiply for a few days at a time, not every day. But, naps are necessary. So here it goes...

Monday write for 2 hrs in the morning
Tuesday write for 5 hrs in the early after noon
Wednesday write for 5 hrs morning and early after noon
Thursday should be set aside as a day to write (try 6 hrs and work myself up
Friday should be used to do the errands, vacuum and mop. Weekend is cleaned and I'm satisfied.
Sat and Sun - well with the hubby home, that's always up in the air. Will I have time to write or not. Hum, not.
That should allow me a twenty hour writing schedule - now, lets see if it works.
My butt's in the chair :-)

Until tomorrow - sleep well, my friend.

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