Nov 29, 2010

Who said It's to soon to think about 2011?

Hey, let’s take a moment and ponder…
We are about to dip into the last month of the year and what do we have to show for ourselves? Nothing – SAY WHAT!
I sat down at my computer this morning and went through my usual routine of checking my e-mails, reading my favorite blogs and chuckling over my kitten pictures (totally the highlight of my day) and thought, “this is what I spend a lot of my time doing.” I didn’t complete a new manuscript this year; I tweaked the hell out of my old one. I’ve also been polishing a manuscript from three years ago. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I did start a new one, ooops, better make that three new ones but never got to the part where I say, whoopee, I’m addicted and can’t wait for the all important, ‘the end.’
So, lets get these resolutions for 2011 underway, shall we. 1st, I’m president of our Utah chapter of the RWA, major commitment there (). 2nd, I want to make sure that Excuse Me has the completed follow up finished, polished and queried so that others are excited about Ante Up as I am. 3rd, the new YA, Hallowed Halls; my all time ‘dear to my heart’ manuscript, needs to be done next. And so it will be.
I blew NANO, so I will gear up to take that on next November. I enjoy it and still let it fizzled through the snow-my bad.
All that said (I mean whined about) I will be spending December getting what is left of this year on the straight and narrow and dedicating 2011 to that lovely four letter word “busy”. Glasses up in the air, Salute. Decision made, accepted and verbally (or written) announced – let’s walk on with our head held high to 2011 and a year of completions.

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