May 14, 2010

2010 Graduations. How many will you attend this year.

My brother and I drove down to Las Vegas on the 7th of June to attend my nephew, Bryan Necessary's graduation from UNLV. This year, the number of graduates receiving diploma's was such a fantastic number that the university divided up their colleges into two ceremonies. So, on Saturday, the day of the commencement exercises, Bryan's Liberal Arts College was scheduled for 2:00. (I really would have preferred the 9:00 am time slot, but then I am just a minor incident as an aunt - the smallest pest known to man).

We left Salt Lake at 55 degrees and ended up in Vegas at 76 degrees on Friday. Saturday out did it's self... 88 degree's as we waited outside of the Thomas and Mack center for my sister and her family to find us. It was hot. Not as hot as it would get, but, hot!

The commencement exercises started promptly at 2:00 pm (very impressive) but they didn't start with the graduate class names until 4:00. Needless to say, with the need to be back in Salt Lake that night, we left before my nephew's name was called. (Two hours too soon) before his name was called).

I was proud to see such an accomplishment realized by so many kids. The first cords of Pomp and Circumstance pulled up the strings to my back and there I sat, in the upper balcony section of the event center and smiled. Wide, strong and so very proud. And then, when I thought about the hard work these kids have put into their education only to be released into a society that is struggling, broke my heart. Where are the jobs that these kids need to pay back the money they borrowed? Will the majority of them ever see the light of being debt free? Hardly.

Only a handful of the top students will receive a paycheck. The rest, sad to say, will be told that they are overqualified because, they have a degree. One door opens and another one closes and frankly, it's a damn shame. These proud kid's may never reap what they have sewn, may never benefit from their two, four or longer years of hard work.

But, no matter what, I sure am proud of our young adults and the fact that they still put their first foot forward and it is a recognition for all of us. Congradulations to each an every graduate of 2010.

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