Jun 8, 2010

I got a request ---- ye'haw.
That's right. Caren Johnson Estesen Literary Agency asked for my manuscript "Excuse Me, Do You Smell Feta Cheese? .... I'm so beside myself that I had to take a few days to let it sink in. And now that it has, I feel like I'm holding my breath - that's the wait part. I'm handling it pretty well, though. I can now go a few days, oxygen deprived and I'm sure it will be a lot more to come - bring it on. What do they say - What doesn't bring pain, wasn't earned.

It's all about the job. Authors must really like a roller coaster ride, because we hop on board more times than we care to admit. Honestly. Silly people, I say. Oh wait, I'm one of them! And I'm loving it. :-)

Anyway, I finished the manuscript and then, what do I do? I tear it up. Yep, that's the disease. See, its this good, we think, but it can be this much better. I removed the part about Dani's brother Maxwell because, he's the star of his own manuscript. Yep! I'm currently having fun with "Ante Up, Boys" My Maxwell McCarty Paranormal. Max is 12 years old and is a ... naw, too soon. I'll get back to that after, let's say, 200 pages.

Anyway... Here's to hoping that The Caren Johnson Estesen Agency falls in love with Dani McCarty because her brother's hoping to entice them as well.


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