Mar 27, 2011

Save, and Save Again

When will I join the world and learn? 

Right after you've lost not 100, 200 or even 1,000 words. But, after a whole chapter has been lost, gone bye bye, is now floating out into the wide world of never to be seen again land.

While I was visiting with my sister, I decided to spend a few precious hours writing the next chapter to my YA. After I was done I decided to copy it and paste it into a composed e-mail that I sent to myself. (No, I did not save it. Why? Because I was being so smart and using the brain I was sitting on.) The next morning, I was locked out of my e-mail account because it was hacked.

So, what becomes of the e-mail I sent to myself? Good question. I should have taken the time to send it to my drop-box and then back it up on a flash drive. But, I didn't. (Why? because that would have been the non-butt thinking thing to do).

So, I have finally learned my lesson. And what is that? That it is hard to remember the words that you wrote in the chapter yesterday. That, what might have been flowing like a smooth stream down a spring runoff the day before, is simply a pocket full of missing memories the next day. 

Thus, I shall ALWAYS back up my work. I will use a flash drive and every other man made savior that I can get my little paws on. Join me, won't you.


Mar 11, 2011

I Can Still Remember the Days We Communicated in .... English!

OMG, IMHO, I wish that we could speak in the old fashion, everyone knows what the #@%^& you are talking about, English language.

I am old, therefore, I have been taught how to spell out, add vowels and pronounced everyone letter as I read. This new age of get your point across in five lets or less is wigged out. Yes, that's right, I said wigged out. It's like taking a head sweating, nauseating test every time I try and decipher it.

Acronyms are hard enough. Let's evaluate what I mean. NCIS: Navel Criminal Investigation Services or No, Can't. Infant sleeping.  CSI: Crime Scene Investigations or  Career Suicide Idiot, FLA, Family Leave Act or Four Letter Acronym, FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigations or F***ing Brilliant Idea. FNG Federal Networking Group or Freaking Nice Guy, and IMHO: International Medical Health Organization or In My Humble Opinion. The list goes on and on and on and.... You get the idea.

When I receive a text, I almost need some sort of a text dictionary, a fill-in-the-blank guide, if you will.
After working in the medical field, I am lost at SOB. No, I don't mean son of a bitch, I mean short of breath. LOL doesn't mean laugh out loud, it means loss of life. Talk about a major misrepresentation.  Hello!

Deoxyglucose or Don't go, gee - so close. I was reading something my grand-daughter was texting and had to ask the eleven-year-old what she just said. Was I close? No. POS. I figured it was Piece of sh**. Nope, try Parent over shoulder. Excuse me!  Not even close.

Yes, I am old and I do find this new form of communication confusing. But, as a member of the YA writing world...I'm learning.
I really miss the days of telephone communication. I can still picture the days of yor. Dial, (yeah that's how old I am), ring and speak...

Let's face it. It's me, Doree. Just your normal PICNIC: problem in chair, not in computer.

Until Later :-)