Jul 24, 2009

Here is the price of a huge mansion on a private island question: Why does one editor request your full manuscript and another one reject it?

I was asked by a specific person to send them my manuscript, unfortunately I could only submit it to the submissions e-mail address (give you their actual e-mail address, please) but I made SURE to indicate that this specific person requested it. Almost four months later, I receive a rejection. That's fine. I can cowboy up with the best of them. Except who is this other person who sends me back "Thank you for your submission but your manuscript isn't what we are looking for" generic form?

Maybe the editor who requested it was fired. No.
Maybe the editor who requested it left for another company. No.
Maybe the editor who requested it got ran over by a truck. No. (But if the editor did, be darn glad that someone was nice enough to get back to you)

This is my work, my job: Writing. I enjoy writing. Putting plots together, giving characters life. Not this day in and day out frustration of wait a few months and 'someone' will get back to you, or not, publishing world that I'm swimming in.

Maybe it's just a bad day. So what if no one threw me the beach ball. If I can't wait my turn I should probably pick up my towel and try again another day. Let me get this whine with a little cheese, please.

Don't you just hate it when no one chooses you to play on their team?

Jul 5, 2009

HAPPY Independence Day! My brother celebrates his birthday on the fourth. Four days later, I celebrate mine...but I don't get all the fancy fireworks. Nobody sets of bombs to celebrate the passing of my youth. And, I say that's good. I'd rather cry alone anyway!

Congratulations to my Niece, she had a little girl on the 3rd of July.
Welcome to the world Macie. I just hope it goes from bad to good before it matters to you. I look at my grandkids and want to cry - look at the crap their getting. It's a damn shame. I still think there are several greedy pigs out there that should be shot in a firing squad for stealing money. Instead our lovely government is turning a blind eye and letting them keep it. Well, where in the hell is my 50 million dollar bonus. I deserve it too!!!! Oh wait, I don't know who I should be screwing to get it.
Everyone I know has already be screwed.

The end of the year is quickly approaching. Christmas in July starts the snowball down the hill of Holidays. We enjoy the carefree days of August before the kids are back in school and we hear..."I can't wait for Labor day, What are you going to be for Halloween, Are you going any where for Thanksgiving. What do you want for Christmas." And then we begin again. Yep, the snowball is just beginning to slip over the edge to a quick ending to 2009.

I listened to an interview the other evening between Bill Mahr and Billy Bob Thorton regarding the musical groups that we listen to. Billy Bob said that he had asked someone to give him a list of the groups that are going to be remembered a hundred years from now that are popular from 1980- 2010. Then he said to Bill Mahr that from the 1960's - 1980's he could name a hundred popular ones. Bill Mahr agreed except said "well, not a hundred". Listening to the Oldies stations and hearing the ones from the 60's through the 80's, YEAH, you really could come up with a hundred. Maybe not as popular as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Rio, Led Zeplin, The Who, Three Dog Night, Lynard Skinard (how ever you spell it) but there are a good long list of them. The ones that are performing today are more of the one hit wonders that scream instead of sing, show violance or rap about it, and just plain don't have the beat. You know, that thing called music that you can dance to. Remember the sock hops, Skinny Johnny Mitchell, and Wolfe Man Jack. I do, well...Isn't it a shame that Twisted Sister isn't declaring "We ain't gonna take it anymore?"