Dec 15, 2010

It's That Time Again

Christmas is coming up. What a wonderful time of the year - yeah right!
I've never been a happy camper during this time. I didn't enjoy it a lot as a kid. Although now, being a grandparent, it is fun. Yeah, the same headaches are there. Money is always an issue and for all of our preparations, it only takes seconds for it to be over with. True.

But look at the spirit. More people smile. Amazing, I know.
Some people are even courteous and giving. I watched a guy I would never have pegged as a giver, actually put in some change (okay, a penny and a nickle) in a bell ringer's can. I was floored. I saw a guy count out his groceries before going up to the 15 or less isle. He still went up with more than 15, but at least he counted.

The neighborhood has lights on more houses than it has ever in past. That's something, right? Mine doesn't, but this year I'm the exception. the exception being... I didn't want to fall and kill myself. I KNOW, every now and then, my brain does kick in. It's a Christmas Miracle.

There might not be any lights on the house, but the trees in the window and the music's playing so, now with the fresh fallen snow, I think we should all have a great and healthy holiday season this year!

From me to you - Merry Christmas.

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