Oct 3, 2010

For a laparoscopic Colonoscopy, they no longer use the good memory forgetting drug of versade. So why would I think that if I fell down a few steps, they’d give me morphine. Pain is pain, I don’t care who you are. What’s happening with the world today? Michael Jackson takes a forever trip down anesthetic avenue and the rest of the world suffers. Not fair. Even a tiny nibble of codine or percocet would have been preferable. But no, I get the aspirin free, anti-inflammatory meds. (yeah, they worked)

Life is not fair. Down the stairs of my house from the upstairs rooms to the living room, the rail is on the left side. Going down from the living room to the family room, the rail is on the right side. Since I have lived here for twenty-one years, this is not an ‘All of a sudden’ situation. So, tell my head that. Yesterday, I suffered a mild attach of the forgotten. I forgot that the hand rail was on the right side. At the same time, my left leg forgot to follow my right leg down the stairs. When they are connected, all will eventually follow. The left leg finally joined in too late and ended up folded and beneath me.

It didn’t break – isn’t that a large dip out of the lucky bucket? And, the liquid ended up around my knee cap. A little squishy, a lot painful but the ibuprophens are doing a fine job. The real kicker, I’m not supposed to go up or down stairs. Say what? But, my house is a tri-level. This just means that these next few days it will be a tri-al to get up and down them.

Ah, the body is such a curious thing. We bend it, we bruise it and sometimes we break it, but it still manages to repair itself and carry on. So…I’m going to do the same. I’m carrying on :-) Have a painless week and I’ll do the same.

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