Jul 24, 2011

Did You Know I Didn't Know?

I've been learning all sorts of things that I did not realize I didn't know lately. Mouthful, qui? Qui. And, isn't it a blessing that I have a grandchild that sees fit to teach me?

Sir Teagolicious and I went shopping the other day. What an experience. It is a blessing that he was there. I once believed I could shop, Silly Grandma. My minuscule knowledge was laughable. Now I know...

1st Item: If you don need a lot of stuff, you should use a basket. The carts are for lots of stuff.
2nd, Don't get in the way of the cart. They really hurt the back of your feet. Nodin cried for a long time when Callum run over him.
3rd, You have to check every egg, Grandma. Cause if one's broke, it's no good.
and 4th, If you have too much stuff, don't go to this man, he gets real mad and gives you bad looks. Dad does it sometimes and mom yells at him.

I'm constantly amazed at the amount of information my grandkids teach me. How I ever thought I could get through my days without them, I don't know.

Teag is helping me learn Smiths. I can't wait to see what chain of stores Nodin helps me with!

My good health and great family memories go with you.


  1. Making me smile, big time.
    Kids are great!

    Thanks for the laughs.
    Love the post!

  2. Don't go this man! Aww, that's so sweet. It's amazing what they can teach us if we listen.

  3. Ha! Intuitive little guys, right? Kids are more sensitive than we give them credit for. They pick up on what they see...ever seen a two year old operate the television remote/Blu-Ray player? Mind boggling and hilarious. ~ Nadja