Mar 11, 2011

I Can Still Remember the Days We Communicated in .... English!

OMG, IMHO, I wish that we could speak in the old fashion, everyone knows what the #@%^& you are talking about, English language.

I am old, therefore, I have been taught how to spell out, add vowels and pronounced everyone letter as I read. This new age of get your point across in five lets or less is wigged out. Yes, that's right, I said wigged out. It's like taking a head sweating, nauseating test every time I try and decipher it.

Acronyms are hard enough. Let's evaluate what I mean. NCIS: Navel Criminal Investigation Services or No, Can't. Infant sleeping.  CSI: Crime Scene Investigations or  Career Suicide Idiot, FLA, Family Leave Act or Four Letter Acronym, FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigations or F***ing Brilliant Idea. FNG Federal Networking Group or Freaking Nice Guy, and IMHO: International Medical Health Organization or In My Humble Opinion. The list goes on and on and on and.... You get the idea.

When I receive a text, I almost need some sort of a text dictionary, a fill-in-the-blank guide, if you will.
After working in the medical field, I am lost at SOB. No, I don't mean son of a bitch, I mean short of breath. LOL doesn't mean laugh out loud, it means loss of life. Talk about a major misrepresentation.  Hello!

Deoxyglucose or Don't go, gee - so close. I was reading something my grand-daughter was texting and had to ask the eleven-year-old what she just said. Was I close? No. POS. I figured it was Piece of sh**. Nope, try Parent over shoulder. Excuse me!  Not even close.

Yes, I am old and I do find this new form of communication confusing. But, as a member of the YA writing world...I'm learning.
I really miss the days of telephone communication. I can still picture the days of yor. Dial, (yeah that's how old I am), ring and speak...

Let's face it. It's me, Doree. Just your normal PICNIC: problem in chair, not in computer.

Until Later :-)


  1. OMG, I'm ROTFLMAO. Can I climb on that soapbox with you?

  2. TFTC, Doree! Is there such a thing as this? In my own abbreviated text, though, I just let you know Thanks For The Chuckle!! I'm also ROTFLMAO!

    Yes, it would be nice to have just good ol' English to speak, but a new generation is out there and they like fast!

    Thanks for the English 2011 lesson. Be glad to step on the soapbox, too!


  3. Amen, sister. I totally agree! Heck, I'm trying to figure out the texting thing for a RS I'm working on. I don't text so...need help. (By the way, I saw FLA and thought. What about Florida?? We used to abbreviate the state name that way when I was growing up. Or I did, anyway.) Anyway, just wanted to say I'm with you. Bring back full words. :)

  4. If my kids use this POS on me, they know there will be a LOL. Thank goodness SOL is still SOL.


  5. Thanks for the laugh! *POS* is what I call my new "smart phone." Loved the pink princess phone. Had a Mickey Mouse one with a dial. Feel like a dinosaur. What scares me is when this generation gets older. Will our road signs change? Textbooks? What if I can't read my prescriptions when I'm ancient because its written funky, and I overdose? LOL??

  6. Lol! That's about as far as I'll go here. I once had a teenager say OMG. She was TALKING to me. It's pretty bad when people start talking in text language!