Mar 22, 2009

The Pain of Grand Parenting

I think the world of my four grandchildren. They are absolutely the love of my life. And, after one day with them, they still are. Two days is pushing it. I don't know if they get on my nerves or if I am one great big nerve to them.

My daughter brought the darlings over on Friday, at 2:00 p.m. I am a saint. I know because I had them through to 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. The two older kids are at the 'now you see them, now you don't' ages of 9 and 7. They love their video games and the internet. Okay so, they're easy.

The other two are 3 and 2. Both boys, both out to drive grandma insane. They want, they don't want, they need, they have to have, please, please gammy, please. Can we go outside? Ten minutes later, one or the other, or both are crying. Why. He pushed him or he took my... Can we watch a movie? Can we go outside? can we...

Night one, all is well. They go to bed. Those cute little darlings. So sweet. Look at them. One sucks his finger, the other one cuddles a stuffed turtle. One snores. They wake up, way earlier than I do and they drag gammy down stairs cause they want juice. I'm awake...I need coffee but, I'm awake.

The following night, well, suffice it to say those darlings have grown horns, tails and tempers. They are not tired, they will not go to bed and they don't like gammy cause I was born and told them to get to bed.

But, I don't care... I absolutely love these precious children. And, don't call me to tend again for another month.

Cause...Gammy said.

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  1. 3 and 2. I have two boys the exact same age. I think all kids that age are exactly as you describe.

    My other two, who are 9 and 7 are pretty much invisible and take care of themselves.

    Oh, Doree, don't you wish you could go back to those days when you were a parent and do it all over again?