Mar 31, 2009

Oh, so good!

I'm so erotica novel placed second in the Great Expectations contest and the publisher has requested my full manuscript. YEAH. With everything that a writer has to go through, the request of a manuscript is wonderful. It is like being a small mouse and waiting until the time that the big cat actually puts its paws around in a welcoming embrace instead of playing you like a toy.
Tomorrow is April Fools day. What will I do? What will I do. Well, I have plans and they are going to be scrumptious, yummy and filling. And if I win at Bunco, well, that's just all the more better. A little pocket money to see me through the week will be the topping on the whip cream of my life. As we move into the month of April, I am especially looking forward to Spring. Not you see it, now you don't garbage, but the real, leave your winter coat in the closet deal. We gotten a test, but I ready for the whole meal. Just like last year, we get out and do a little work in our yards. Say hello to our neighbors; remember that we have neighbors, and then, wham, bam...It's winter again. (please say again again with a poetic tone as wham bam, thanks).

For all you women writers in this (great?) state of Utah, the Utah chapter of RWA is having a retreat in a gigantic cabin by Altamont in the middle of April. Check with the website for details. Its going to be fun, and a wonderful time for getting those words down, gals.

Until again, see ya.

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  1. I am so stoked for the retreat! Yeah, baby!!! Re-TREAT! Re-TREAT!! Re-TREAT!!!Woot! Congrats again! I knew you could do it.

    C U L8r. Lunch, yum!