Mar 5, 2009

Hannibal Haven

Care to take a trip? Picture yourself at the entrance to Hannibal, Missouri. That's right, beneath the statue of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Take a picture - it's worth it. Now continue walking down the hill to the Mississippi River. Have a seat, yes, on the ground, and look out at the tree filled island east of where you're at.

Okay, if you're going to whine about the mud, move south down the shoreline to the marina where they load and unload the riverboat. Pull up a chair.

It is late May, the humidity is climbing but tolerable. It's a warm 86 degrees, the sky is clear and there is a gentle breeze. (the tornado isn't due for at least another two days, and it looks like it will be south of us - feel better? Good, lets continue)

Now,'re sights are on the tree cover island. Huck is mumbling on about Indian Joe and all you can think about is getting a solid five skips on a rock across the calm river. No worries about the decline in the market, the high increase in unemployment, or those stupid taxes that you still have rounded up all the necessary information to file. This is your moment to dream. To visualize a life back in the fifties, when the war was over, the economy was stable and you could be a kid. Think about the next adventure that you and Hunk can do. Climb the hills, chase the deer or lay back, nibble on a piece of grass and listen to the mumbling going on next to you about Indian Joe.

See. It's nice to put the concerns away and take a small vacation.

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