May 30, 2011

A Visit With Sir Callum Scott Gressman

This is what a visit with my grandson Callum

looks like... That's right, real conversationalist.
I picked him up from his house because, and here's the selling point, he would love to visit with his grandparents over the weekend. He says he enjoys doing stuff with us. What a little tease. He gets in the car and immediately changes my radio stations. According to him, mine are lame. I will admit to enjoying the Gold-n oldies every now and then. Elvis has been gone so long that this child's mother was born the year the gyrating pelvis was laid to rest. He thinks my music is long gone and over with. Really? Well...FYI - I've seen more movement in "The one foot in the grave" Keith Richard and Mick Jagger, than I have in this child at times.
We then proceed to discuss the problems with the world. ie, a specific u-tube commercial that is the greatest. "You have to see this, grandma. It is brilliant." I suffer as a cat head with a pop tart body and a rainbow flying out from its rear end plays on and on and on. "It's funny, right?"  Callum's cracking up and rolling on the floor, I just look at him and smile... Oh, yeah, that's cool. And this kid is going to take care of me in my older I pray for some rather quick change.
Convinced I'm not all that interested in seeing all the wonderful and humorous commercials that are out there right now, my grandson disappeared upstairs. He did show himself with words of starvation a couple of hours later. And, his grandfather made him go to bed at a reasonable hour. I had already popped in to remind him that I was willing to visit, share a movie, a cup of hot chocolate, a game of cards...anything, but he was busy on the computer. "Give me a few more minutes, Grandma. I'll be down in a minute."
The following morning, I mean at noon, when he woke up and finished off two bowls of cereal and a bag of Cheetos I delivered him to his home. He gave me a huge smile, hugged me and (show of emotion...sniffle) gave me a kiss before hopping out of my van with a, "Thanks, grandma. I had a blast."
What a tease.  And one I'll probably be picking up again this weekend. Isn't he just the cutest?


  1. So funny. My one grandchild isn't quite two. I look forward to all the teasing from Gwen when she's older.
    Yes, he is cute. Glad you're enjoying him.

    Sandy R

  2. That's cute. It took me a lot of years (too long) before I was interested in my grandmothers. I lost my Gran last year to cancer. I spent the last year of her life visiting her often and asking her question after question about her life. Give Callum time. He'll get interested.

  3. I liked this post a lot. My 17-year-old has a completely different perception of what "spending time with the family" means with regard to reality. He plops down on the couch, says how much he loves me, then stands up and goes in his room and plays video games! Go figure!