May 27, 2011

Query - What's In A Word

Boogerbutt, scrud, and dag-na-bit. Those are words, right? Yet, they lighten right up with 'spell check.' Even shows up with one of those, vicious little pointer fingers going back and, no, no. But when I type in the most horrendous, nastiest, scum at the bottom of the pond, word in the world, query - nothing. No lights, not bright red lines, nothing. Good to Go, wouldn't you know?  But, in my heart, that diminutive word causes pauses in my pumper. Terror in my ticker.
Why am I whining about it? Cause I have to write one. Yep, I forgot all about slapping one of those puppies together for good'old Ante Up. And now, I have to.
Yet, nowhere in this house is there a crash cart available. My nucleus is critical and there isn't a flippin' thing I can do about it. Well...except write one.
At critique today, Krissee wears this sweet little smile and says "GMC, Doree.  GMC."
So, I think okay... I'll get my crowbar. No? Okay, Gobble more chocolate. No? Guzzle my Cola. Grasp Moon Crystals? Grab my crotch? Not bloody likely. So, I smile back at her while other shorter more meaningful words are dancing in my head. Nothing close to GMC, but closer to shi....never mind.  And she, oh so sweetly, says...Goal, Motivation and Conflict. That's all you need. Find Max's GMC, write it down and you're done.
Yeah, well I didn't see her offering to do it. I thought a writers life was a team. A circle of collaborators, if you will. But instead, I find myself alone...very alone. The words are gone, if they were ever there. My brain cells, like a liquid alien poured over my backyard fence and now, I sit before my computer and write my blog.
Got one line done. Anyone else have any other brilliant ideas? Huh, anyone. Just shout it out :) Or, write it down. I'll be collecting them as soon as I find enough pennies to cover what I owe the other guy for on the first line.
And so, the life of this writer continues on... (thump....................thump.............)

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about goal, conflict and motivation. I'm sure I will put it to good use if I ever make it back to the novel writing phase of my life. I'm busy reporting on my last adventure.