Oct 17, 2011

Scott and I had been thinking about replacing our French doors from the dinning room to the deck. The outside of the door was looking pretty hammered. I shopped around (Yikes) and finally we decided to go with Pella Windows and Doors. The representative came out and measured the door, we went through pretty pictures and decided to go with a Basic Door and Storm Door. I really wanted to be able to open my door
 and still keep the flies, wasps, bees, and other obnoxious pests out. We ordered it, and promptly fell over with shock. Holly Tomorrow, it was very expensive. When I say expensive, I mean kiss a few thousand dollars adios
It didn't help that the door we had was odd sized and a contractor would need to redo the wall around the door. Charming, yes? least I got new paneling on the back of the house. I had 'accidentally' melted ours when I moved the barbecue closer to the house. Hey, I know better now. Will it ever happen again? Lets go with...hope not!
Gritting teeth, we ordered our new door on the 17 of August. They were to install it on the 3rd of October. W e l l that didn't happen. Oh they started to insert the door. Came back the next day to put up new siding, came back two weeks later to sheet rock, mud and put frame around the door. So, on October 14th, it was done. Whew.
Kelsey and I spent Saturday repainting the walls of the dinning room. I am happy to say, all is done and the room is gorgeous. I love having my door opened and the storm door closed. It let's the light in.

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