Jul 4, 2011

The first four letters in Firecracker

Isn't it pretty. It's fire- exploding - In the air. 25, 50 feet above your head. And, as we've been taught, what goes up, will come down, in a rain And what does fire do? Burn. Interesting.

The Higher Ups in Utah, have extended our laws regarding the shooting off of fireworks. Instead of only permitting the discharge of fireworks 3 days before and 3 days after the Summer Holidays (July 4th and July 24th) we have extended those dates to June 26 through July 26th because those 7 days in a row of consent concern for aggressive and long burning fires to break out due to fireworks isn't heart squeezing enough. We want 30 days during the hottest and driest days on the desert to stir up the making of mountain and valley fires. Yes, when you add fire to dry desert tundra, it burns. Go figure.

Heaven forbid should we wait until the Fourth of July to evacuate families from their homes because the hills are alive with burning sage brush. No, lets do it at the end of June instead. How many square miles did a couple of teenagers with the brains on a gnat (yes, one) burn this year. Charred black, dead and ugly. Killing animals along its way. Oh, that's right, it's still burning. So, Today let me say. Happy Fourth of July. For the Land that was fought to be Free is burning before our very eyes.

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