Dec 7, 2009

Hey, yeah! I think I do remember you. Aren't you the oldest son to my mother's youngest sister? So what, you're twenty, twenty one? 40! No way, why I remember just a few years ago that you like...

Do you remember me? Cause, evidently, I don't remember you-.

I spent this past weekend in Henderson at my Aunt's "Celebration of Life" and thought about all the interesting faces that I reacquainted my self with. Cousins that I haven't seen or spoken to since the death of my Grandmother about fifteen years ago have changed. Go Figure! They grew up, got married, had children, oh my! They went on about their lives without me.

And here I stood, realizing that I had done the same. My daughter and grandson were with me and were strangers to a lot of them. We say this is a small world yet we let time speed by before we reaquaint ourselves with family so how can we say that we stay in contact with friends? We don't.

I mailed out somewhere around sixty five Christmas Cards. A small amount for sure, but it's because I don't keep in contact with people. I send them (if I remember to) a card once a year that says, "Hey, I remembered to send a card and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Unfortunately, I haven't got the time to call or visit and so, I can't recall if you're married, have children or were you that friend that died? Gee, sorry. But, at least I'll write out your name and address on an envelope and once again tell people that I stay in touch with old friends.

When I had a cousin ask what I do for a living and I said that I write, he asked what I wrote and I went on to tell him, books. Obviously, it's not letters! I write books about people that I make up yet I don't write to those whom I already know. So, here is to all those that I sent out a card to; drop me a note and I'll get back to you around... this time again next year :-(.

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