Jun 7, 2009

Tired? Now you see it, now you don't. Yes, they'll do it, then they won't. Will there be a school next year or not. They formed a board, they spoke at district meetings, they pleaded for the opportunity to educate or to learn and yet...

Granite High School is closing their doors for the second time. But not to the general public. This time it is closing the educational rights of the destitute student who would never get ahead in a larger school. It is closing to foreigners who have just arrived and speak little to no English. It is closing to the students who are being cared for through foster homes and state custody. It is closing to students that want an education but have a hard time competing with the large volume of students who's parents can afford the football, dance, baseball, cheerleading registration costs. It kind of makes me mad. Now that there is this 'Everyone has a right to an education' act, those who really want to learn are crammed into classrooms with kids that could care less who's tending them that day and they'll let you know it.

During my time on the Valley Journal, Granite High School was a part of my beat. It was truely the funnest place to go. From the unique plays that they performed using students who spoke with accents I enjoyed hearing to watching a child from India adjust and excel in an environment that was so far from their norm. The teachers cared. The students learned. And yet, the school district has decided that there just isn't enough monies in their budget to continue supporting them. What a shame because I'll bet that the percentage of their seniors actually graduated and at least 3/4 of them all received scholorships. That's what happened in 2008.


There is a comandmant that states "Thou shall not kill!. Because you don't get to decide who lives or dies. The creator does. Yet, this
eighteen year old breaks into Kimberly Hain's house during the night with a bat to steal something - what? Hell, he doesn't know, he's 'supposibly' hiped up on drugs. He makes a noice and wakes up the 33 year old mother of a 8 year old and a 6 year old and beats her to death with the baseball bat. The following morning, the 18 year old is acting as though he has no idea what happened during the night at his neighbors house. Hell, the jerk goes so far as to publicly console another neighbor over the tragedy before a news camera.

I met Kimberly Hains in 1999, when she came to work at Cottonwood Hospital on the 5th floor. Her mother-in-law, Cozi was also a part of the unit and Patrick, her husband was a phlebotomist at Primary Childrens Hospital. While working full time on the day shift, Kim was also going to school at night. In 2000, she became pregnant with Terran. I don't think I knew a more excited mother-to-be. Scrub pants and t-shirts became her mom-of-the-year wardrobe. I have a picture of Kim at the baby shower we gave her on the floor where she is holding up a stuffed moose with the biggest grin on her face. How excited she was! For several years, we worked together, often doubling up in doing patient care jobs. If you called her Kimmy or K-K-Kimberly, she would ignore you until you 'get my name right'. Kim, Christa and I enjoyed our jobs working as a three way unit. Christa left to get married and move to Utah county, Kim left to join Pat at Primary's and I left to work for two wonderful surgeons. Now, Kim's next door neighbor has taken her life and left a lot of people with out the priviledge of knowing and working with her as one of the greatest nurses this state will never see. Talking to Christa the other day, we decided we're lucky 'cause at least we have our memories.
"Rest Well My Friend, For You Are Loved. We Shall Remember You With
Warm Thoughts and Deep Words of Joy" Doree

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