May 4, 2009

The Class of 1945, some are still alive...

This is a picture of South High's Class of 45. How did they survive? They began High School at the start of WWII. Following the devastation of the Depression and then celebrated their graduation with the ending of the war. They had sports, but the football helmet was made of leather and padding. Not fiberglass and metal. They had school dances with balloons and streamers, slow music followed with a little bebop. Class rings and Letterman's jackets, poverty and death, basket ball champion banners and discrimination, very few jobs but they all worked with pride. That was in 1945. For the most part, this class of students have witnessed a lot! They watched the bombing of Pearl Harbor, retribution in Japan, Korean War, Tani min Square, Kent State riots, the assassination of Kennedy, Watergate and the impeachment of Nixon, landing on the moon, the great floods of the mid-west, the gas wars, terrorism, Gulf war, the fall of the Twin Towers, the damage to the pentagon, the Iraq war, the recession's of 1984, 1992 and today's borderline depression of 2009. To them, it must seem like their life has come around full circle with nothing learned for the future. What a shame.

Immunize - wise?

I remember when we (the students) were called down to the cafeteria for our i
immunizations. You remember, come on! The sugar cube and the shots. Oh what a wonderful day! We were told that these would last us a lifetime. Who's? As soon as that needle came out, kids were dropping like flies, throwing up, passing out, crying and the only thing we have to show for it is a scar (it's the sort of round one on the left shoulder). Small pox - yep, step right up and get your guaranteed 100 percent, never have to worry again, vaccination. Yeah, well, my parents back then, would believe the government. Today, not so much. Proof, give us proof. Because the scar on my arm is no longer a guarantee against the disease. This time, when I'm told to form a line, I'll take mine in a tall glass of bourbon and 7-up, please.

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